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Cloverleaf Parasite Answer

Cloverleaf Parasite Answer

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Cloverleaf Parasite Answer for the treatment of Flukes, Anchor Worm and White Spot
A general treatment for use against parasites.Apply 10ml to 1250litres (275 gallons) and apply daily for 5 days in a row. Do not repeat course of treatment for 10 days.
White spot – cause: Parasite Symptoms: pin-head sized white spots on fish with clamped fins fish rubbing against solid objects.
Gill and skin flukes – cause: Parasite Symptoms: rubbing against solid objects can cause heavy breathing may have whitish film over skin.
Costia – cause: Parasite Symptoms: rubbing against solid objects, fish swim awkwardly with folded fins, rapid breathing.
Chilodonella – cause: Parasite Symptoms: rapid breathing, whitish-blue opaqueness covering body mainly around eye, head and back.