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Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve

Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve

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Evolution Aqua Cetus sieve - 300 MICRON SIEVE screen on 100% of surface area Can be gravity OR pump fed, Perfect fit screen so no waste can bypass, Totally reliable and simple to install. Plug and Play – comes with flexible boots to connect to pipe work. Greatly reduced backwashing / maintenance of pressurised filters. Robust one piece mould –no welded joints – no leaks!
Large waste collection area which slopes to sump outlet. Ideal for mechanically filtering skimmer lines. Patented float that gives constant flow for gravity-fed level fluctuations.
Maximum flow rate 18,000 litres per hour
Tri-slot 300 micron wedge wire screen in 316L stainless steel on 100% of surface area
Increased levels of oxygen