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Evolution Aqua Sequence Pumps

Evolution Aqua Sequence Pumps

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Evolution Aqua Sequence Pond Pumps are well known for saving people money! The entire range is unbelievably efficient when it comes to how much electricity they use. With running costs as low as 14p per day, the money you'll save on electricity bills will soon pay for the pump. Check and see what wattage you are using at the moment. These are the work horses of the industry. They provide tremendous flow rates, with enough pressure (head) to handle the requirements of most systems with biological filters and moderate height waterfalls. They are also used extensively for the transfer and re-circulation requirements of filtration systems, water features, streams, fountains and aquaculture.
Sequence 8000S 8,000 lph 1,760 gph 72-83 watt 2" in 1.5" out
Sequence 10000S 10,000 lph 2,200 gph 72-87 watt 2" in 1.5" out
Sequence 12000S 12,000 lph 2,600 gph 72-92 watt 2" in 1.5" out
Sequence 15000S 15,000 lph 3,300 gph 146-218 watt 1.5" in 1.5" out
Sequence 18000S 18,000 lph 3,960 gph 152-262 watt 1.5" in 1.5" out