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COLOMBO Bacto Balls Pond Filter Start

COLOMBO Bacto Balls Pond Filter Start

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  • Choose from 500ml, 1000ml or 2500ml


Colombo Bacto Balls are a unique blend of specially selected bacteria strains, designed to achieve a quick and complete biological balance in your pond.
These balls contain the optimal bacteria strains, selected through specialised DNA screening.
The beneficial bacteria in these balls helps to remove harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrate from your water, providing a perfect environment to keep your fish & plant life healthy. They also help to break down organic waste as well as algae, keeping your water clean & clear for optimal water quality and viewing.

Simply put the Bacto Balls in your filter or directly into the water at the correct ratio for your pond and see fast results.

These balls also work well as filter start bacteria for new ponds.

Key Features
Beneficial living bacteria, screened for the best strains.
Helps keep water clear for healthy plants and fish.
Enhances waste decomposition, for better water quality.
Easy & simple to use, quick to work.
100 balls per 1000 litres of water.
Size (ml) Balls Quantity Treats Pond Size (litres)
500 500 5000
1000 1000 10,000
25000 2500 25,000