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Cloverleaf Green Water Answer 250ml, or 500ml

Cloverleaf Green Water Answer 250ml, or 500ml

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CLOVERLEAF GREEN WATER ANSWER KOI FISH POND WATER TREATMENT GREEN ALGAE Suitable For: Managing Algae Blooms that occur during the Spring or over Sunny Periods where by Algae spores increase to such a level that the pond start to turn a green colour, in some cases bright pea green, where by you cannot see through it.
The Cloverleaf Green Water Answer help manage this problem, please note that this is only a temporary fix, to help manage Algae blooms, you may need to consider adding a UV / Clarifiers, or Changing the UV lamp and or giving cover to your pond to stop Sunlight.
Other factors include overfeeding of your Fish as this increase the Nitrogen Cycle load, thus increasing phosphates in your Pond Water,
which help Algae to Grow.