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Bactoplus Activator Gel Live Bacteria 1 ltr

Bactoplus Activator Gel Live Bacteria 1 ltr

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Bactoplus Activator Gel is a compilation of live bacteria that is specially designed for: Activating existing bacteria in the pond and the filter and includes, among natural minerals and trace elements.
Bactoplus Activator Gel comes in a special storage / food liquid so that it is sustainable for a long time.
Bactoplus Activator Gel shortens the startup time of a filter. What normally ± 6/8 weeks, reduced now 2-4 weeks at a rising temperature.
Bactoplus Activator Gel ensures in particular that dormant bacteria previously active.
Bactoplus Activator Gel works starting at 6 degrees, this allows your filter early in the spring be started.
Bactoplus Activator Bactoplus Gel can for all types of bacteria can be used to speed up the active operation of the bacteria to get.
Bactoplus Activator Gel can not and should not be missing in this hobby that you can have lots of fun.
In new pond systems Bactoplus Activator Gel only administer if all living bacteria.
In existing ponds can Bactoplus Activator Gel just add. For proper operation of your bacteria is advisable to Bactoplus Activator Gel regularly add. From Bactoplus Activator Gelgebruikt 1 liter to 20,000 liters of pond water.

Bactoplus bacteria excreted in the bottle a specific odor. This is for the operation of the bacteria are not affected. Bactoplus bacteria are 100% natural and contain no chemicals and pathogenic Fri. Keep out of reach of children.
Faster building and development of biological life through bacteria and minerals and trace elements.