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Profi Heater With Stat

Profi Heater With Stat

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These New Profi Pond heaters are the latest heaters to be introduced to the Aquatic Market place and for those Koi and pond keepers that are having to work on a budget, as we all have to do from time to time, then these are probably the answer to helping to solve your Heating problems, so now heating your pond is no longer a problem with the New 'Profi' Budget Priced Pond Heaters:
The Profi Pond Heaters have a fully calibrated Thermostat for easy control of the temperature you wish to run your pond water at. These are easy to install into your existing pipework. The Profi Electric Pond Heaters inlet and outlets are made to take a 1.5" male threaded connector, or a 1.5" threaded hosetail. It is very simple to fit these Profi Pond heaters into your system, and have it running, in just a few hours.