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EA Growth Plus Koi Food 6K 5-6

EA Growth Plus Koi Food 6K 5-6

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Evolution Aqua Growth Plus Koi Food.
6kg 5-6mm GrowthPlus for superior growth and enhanced body shape. GrowthPlus is a new formulation food for 2012. GrowthPlus is the ideal food to encourage improved body shape and outstanding growth for Koi. Due to its precise blend of nutritional ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals, daily feeding with GrowthPlus helps to promote fat-deposit free growth in your Koi.
Enhanced with Bio-Mos® Prebiotic

GrowthPlus contains Bio-Mos®, which is a prebiotic derived from the outer cell wall of yeast. This yeast component contains a number of functional properties including proteins, glucans, phosphate radicals and mannans which enables Bio-
Mos® to stimulate a good environment for nutrient digestion, by increasing the muscosal epithelium and increased lactobacillus and bifido bacteria cells.
GrowthPlus helps to promote good bacteria and builds natural defences thereby improving fish health and wellbeing. The quality of the ingredients and the high digestibility of our GrowthPlus food all lead to reduced waste levels and reduced filter maintenance.