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PondXpert Filter SpinClean Pressurised,UV

PondXpert Filter SpinClean Pressurised,UV

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PondXpert Filter SpinClean Pressurised Pond Filter Built-in UV 55w
Koi Pond Filter 40.000 Litres
Suitable for ponds up to 8810 gallons
UV Wattage: 55w
Maximum Flow: 40000L/h
Media: coarse foams x 4 - fine foams x 3 - bio balls = 60 approx.
Hose tails to fit hose size: 25 - 32 & 38mm
This super easy clean feature reduces the frequency of a full filter clean.
Simply turn the handle on the top of the filter and it will flick the side of the internal filter
sponges dislodging dirt and debris, which exits the filter via a dedicated waste outlet.
The filter chamber is packed with quality foam media and this along with a powerful UVC means the filter can be used to keep the pond water clear.

The filter can be easily disguised in the garden landscape and can be part buried.