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Microbe Lift Clean and Clear 500ml or 1 Litre

Microbe Lift Clean and Clear 500ml or 1 Litre

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  • Choose from 500ml or 1 litre


MICROBE-LIFT Clean and Clear 500ml or 1 litre
Microbe Lift Clean and Clear is a special blend of beneficial bacteria that keeps ponds clean and clear.
Contains Photosynthetic bacteria and is grown in the bottle in which it is sold, thanks to a unique process. Photosynthetic bacteria can be very beneficial in balancing the ecology of a pond. They will compete with algae for their nutrition and sunlight.
When used according to dosage instructions it will provide the following benefits.
Ponds: - Keeps your pond clean & Clear Seeds and maintains biological filters
Reduces ammonia nitrogen level
Dissolves away organic sediment
Safe for fish
Fish: - Reduces environmental stress
Promotes rapid fish growth
Biological supports a healthy immune system
Increases resistance to pathogens and parasites
Biodegrades uneaten food