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Bactoplus Lacto Health Probiotic 1 ltr

Bactoplus Lacto Health Probiotic 1 ltr

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Bactoplus Lacto Health Probiotic is a probiotic, consists of selected lactic acid bacteria and enzymes. This product supports the health of the fish in a natural manner.
Although many aspects of these types of bacteria are still not yet fully understood, field tests have proven that regular use have significant positive effects on the health and condition of the fish.
Small wound and injuries will heal quickly and pathogens are removed in a natural manner. In addition Bactoplus Lacto Health will have a positive effect on the water quality.

Use Bactoplus Lacto Health on those moments when pathogens can attack your fish.
For instance during spring when the water warms up and the temperature rises above 12° C, or midsummer during some hot weeks, or in autumn when the water is cooling down.

When using Bactoplus Lacto Health on those occasions you can prevent diseases and will keep your fish in the best possible condition

1000 ml of Bactoplus Lacto Health Probiotic treats 20,000 Litre of Water.